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Lets Go

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Let’s Go! Where? To see the new Wong Ching-Po movie! Stop the presses, because Wong Ching-Po, the director behind overrated triad thriller Jiang Hu, overwrought exploitation flick Revenge a Love Story and simply awful gang drama Ah Sou has made a good film. At least Let’s Go! is entertaining and better than Wong’s most recent efforts, and uses his pretentious filmmaking style in an unexpectedly funny and subversive way. Wong Ching-Po is a decidedly serious director and Let’s Go! is a categorically silly movie. Combine those two logically opposed factors and the resulting product is a strange and also fun flick that simultaneously reveres and sends up the tokusatsu (live-action Japanese superhero) genre. There’s an acquired taste to this sort of thing, but those inclined should be tickled.

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